Yes, you’re tired of feeling isolated, uncertain and overwhelmed while trying to raise your teen.  In addition, there are so many things that just “show up” when you are parenting.  This includes dealing with mommy guilt or daddy guilt while trying to maintain your sanity in a world where life can be so demanding.  You are at a place where you have no idea what happened to your sweet child.  It is as if something happened and overnight, your sweet child who loves to be in your face, has become distant, aloof, disobedient and disrespectful.  You don’t know what happened!

The TransPARENT MOm is here to help you work through those teen years that can have you feeling depleted, lost, and even without an identity or purpose. It is time for you to regain your strength and re-ignite your zeal for yourself, your life, and your teen!


Help, My Teen is Driving Me Crazy!

Raising teens in the day and time is hard!  We have some much to deal with.  This 12-month TransPARENT coaching group includes 1 monthly group coaching call, monthly informative newsletter, access to a closed Facebook support group, The monthly coaching calls, and newsletter includes but are not limited to the following topics:  Inside the brain of a teen, creative ways to communicate with your teen, teen sleep patterns, anger issues and teens.

Parent and Teen Conversation

Sometimes a parent and teen need someone who can listen to their conversation and decipher what the issue is.  This plan allows for parent and teen conversation time with the Christain Counselor present.

"Parenting Ain't for Punks"

Are you tired of fighting with your teen?  Does it seem as if nothing is working?  Has your relationship with your teen become almost unbearable?  If so, this program is for you. This is a four-week course that will equip the parent with the necessary tools to begin to manage the teen years and stay sane in the process.   It includes 2 group coaching calls, weekly encouraging email, access to a closed Facebook support group, 21-day fast option, and worksheets.  You do not have to endure the teen years alone.

"Why am I so Angry?"

The Act Right Anger Management Program is an 8-week program designed to educate and empower youth from ages 13 to 18 to deal with their anger, to use anger management and problem-solving skills, and to discover the coping skills they need to manage their anger appropriately.

A major focus of The Act Right Program is for teens to understand that anger is a normal emotion.  They will learn to put their thinking between their feelings and behavior and to see how negative and positive self-talk can influence both feelings and behavior.

Transformational Thinking Points

Point to Ponder

“Always remember, your children have your DNA and the other parents DNA.  Therefore, you should take this into consideration when you pose the question, “I don’t know where he/she get’s that from.”  If you carefully, examine that, then you can honestly handle the issue at hand” Tavis Taylor

Point to Ponder

“The teen brain is an interesting brain.  Please remember, their frontal lobe which is the part of the brain that helps them reason, has not developed yet.”  Tavis Taylor

Point to Ponder

“Why does my teen make me so angry.” Anonymous

Point to Ponder

“The key to parenting a teen is to remember that at some point we must face parenting our teen head on, forging forward, even when we don’t feel like being bothered.”  Tavis Taylor

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