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Author. Empowerer. Motivational Speaker. Minister. The TransPARENT Mom. Advocate for Positive Change. Proud Mom of 2 kids. MISSION: to inspire, uplift, and awaken people to their God-given potential.

Tavis C. Taylor is a passionate Minister, Author, and Motivational Speaker who has quickly earned the reputation as an ambassador of positive thinking and compassionate leader. Widely known for her personable, consultative, and down-to-earth approach, her inspirational work—both in written and spoken form—has an immediate transformative ripple effect on each and every participant and reader. Above all, she instills people with the tools they need to alter their perceptions and completely change their lives.

Currently, Tavis serves as the Founder of Behind the Walls Ministries. She is also the Author of “Behind the Walls: Making it Through a Tough Time.” With these two empowering ventures, she is on a mission to liberate people from the financial, emotional, or mental walls that they have created for themselves. Ultimately, her unwavering faith in God and her first-hand experiences paved her career path and turned her passion for helping others into her one true calling.

Additionally, Tavis is the Founder of Tavis Taylor Talks, where she discusses taboo topics in a safe space, helping people unmask the limitations that are keeping them from thriving.  She is inspiring parents and young adults across the nation with her blend of high energy and engaging presentations. Her innovative yet, realistic approach to parenting and communicating with teens has earned the respect of her peers. Because of her ability to be professional and tackle the topics that other parents are embarrassed to discuss, she is known as the “TRANSPARENT MOM.”  As a result of her love for parenting, she authored the book, “Parenting Ain’t For Punks:  A Reflective Guide For Parent’s of Teens.”

From Christian Life Coaching and Christian Counseling to prayer request, workshops, and seminars, Tavis serves as not only an educator for women but as a guide driven to create as many success stories as possible. Combining her inclination towards forward thinking along with her self-driven spirit, she was inspired to expand her horizons and authored a series of booklets entitled, “The ABC’s of Positive Thinking.” The primary purpose of these books is to assist others in cultivating forward and positive thinking no matter what situation arises in one’s life. She is a firm believer in the ability to transform a situation by merely changing how one not only talks about it, but how they think about it.

Furthermore, Tavis holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality Administration and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Georgia State University. In addition to completing coursework at The Interdenominational Theological Center, she has earned her Christian Counselor Certification from PCCCA. As a Certified Anger Management Specialist II, she has harnessed her God-given aptitude to minister to women of all ages for the past decade.

With God’s unconditional grace and love, anything is possible. Reach out to Tavis today to start paving the path to greatness.

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