Life Coaching and Christain Counseling Packages

What's Next - Breakthrough Package

Are you stuck?  Are you in the middle of a crisis and need help working through that crisis?  Are you suffering in silence? This 3-month package is designed to help you get started in moving past a place called – STUCK!

A New YOU - Transitional Package

Are you in a “meantime” phase in your life?  Are you trying to handle the “in between” phase?  This plan is for those who need assistance with the transitional phase of their life.  It gives you the tools you need to start the transitional shift in your thinking so that you can move forward.

Transforming ME! Transformation Package

This package assists you as you make the transition to transform your very being.  It will create an atmosphere where you will shift from where you have been to where you permanently need to be foundationally.    This time frame is necessary because it allows you to UNMASK the areas in your life that are possible hidden.   This will be done by you taking advantage of this opportunity for growth possibilities developing a long-term relationship with your coach.

Additional Information

How do I schedule my sessions?

Flexibility!  Flexibility! Flexibility!  All sessions are structured around your schedule.  Sessions can be scheduled face-to-face, via phone, zoom or skype.

What if I need to reschedule?

I ask that you try to stick to your schedule as much as humanly possible. I understand that sometimes plans change and things happen.However, if you need to reschedule, I ask for a 24-hour advance notice.

What can I expect?

You and I will work together as a TEAM.  As you grow and “Do the Work”, your sessions will be based on your progress.

Package Details

What does each package include?

  • Intake and Assessment
  • 1 weekly accountability text message
  • 2 one-hour monthly
  • Access to the private group Facebook page
  • Worksheets with exercises, tools, and techniques to master concepts
  • The Transformation package includes free access to all webinars and online classes and resources during the duration of your coaching relationship. 

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