Taking Off the Mask Challenge




The 21 day “Taking Off the Mask Challenge- Fast” is 21 days of Transformational Thinking and life changing work.  Are you tired of being stuck?  Are you tired of getting to a particular place in your dreams and then nothing is manifesting so you quit?  Are you tired of starting the same projects over and over again?

The goal of this challenge and fast is to help you  identify that “THING(mask) that is hindering you from moving forward, confront it, and remove that mask so that you can have a fulfilling and productive life.  This challenge is for you if you have worked with coaches, mentors, and even groups but for some reason, you can not move past a certain place.

You will:

  1. Obtain a clear definition of a mask.
  2. Learn how to identify your mask.
  3. Learn how to confront your mask.
  4. Identify negative thoughts and negative programming that keeps your mask in tact.
  5. Steps to remove your mask.
  6. Remove your mask
  7. Create 3 positive affirmations that you will use to keep your mask off.

What you will accomplish:

  1. 7 minute prayer and meditation for 21 days.
  2. Healthy diet and exercise routine.
  3. Create new routines that will support positive change.
  4. Learn to “caste down” negative thoughts when you have them.
  5. Learn how to replace negative thoughts will positive ones.
  6. Be prepared to work with any coach or mentor after doing the internal work.


What you will receive:

  1.  Free Access to Webinar with instructions.
  2. Access to 21 Day Taking Off the Mask Challenge/Fast Closed Facebook Group.
  3. Monday Motivation Facebook Live in closed group.
  4. Day 7 and 21 Conference Call questions and answers
  5. Taking Off the Mask Worksheets and Instructions.
  6. Accountability Partners to support your journey.
  7. Recipes for Juicing and Fasting.
  8. Support and input for writing positive affirmations that are tailored to your needs.



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